Branding + Logo Design

Stories crafted through beautiful, timeless images.

What story will your brand tell?

Your brand has 10 seconds to make a first impression on a client.


Leoca’s clean, minimalist designs help your business stand out from the crowd.


Sophisticated, natural graphic design. Strong brand storytelling.

Tell your company’s story… in images.


Leoca works with you to identify your needs and clarify your goals. As a freelance graphic design company with a supplier network across Brisbane, we offer affordable, customised packages tailored to individual clients’ needs and price points.


Don’t wait another 10 seconds… start your “brand-storm” now.


Contact Leoca, Brisbane’s freelance graphic design and branding specialists, to discuss your logo and brand storytelling requirements now.

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Print Design

Sleek logos. Sophisticated stationery. Savvy signage. Print design: Leoca style.

At Leoca, we do the heavy lifting in print design and delivery for you.


Two decades’ experience in graphic design for property, architecture and finance sectors across Brisbane has given Clare, Leoca’s founder, a unique understanding of what businesses need.


Minimalist, sophisticated design. 
Gorgeous, understated graphics.


Clean, elegant print quality.

Stationery… One-page flyers… Multi-page brochures… Signage… Templates.


Leoca also takes efficient care of the end-to-end print design and management process – so you can get on with running your business. 


Clare’s strong local network of third-party suppliers, nurtured over her years in the Brisbane advertising and design industry, means Leoca can deliver exceptional quality at competitive prices.


Make it easy for yourself. Leave the hard work to Leoca.


Contact Leoca, Brisbane’s end-to-end graphic design and print management experts, to discuss your print design requirements now.


We might be a good fit if...

You are a start-up needing a creative one-off logo so you’re ready to launch?


You are an established firm seeking a brand refresh?


You are an evolving company looking for a comprehensive brand strategy to take you to the next level?

Website Design

Websites should be beautiful and functional. User experience is central, but aesthetics count.

Every contemporary business needs a website… but that’s part of the problem.


Is your website visible on the crowded web?

Does it appeal to your clients?

Is your website clean, easy to use, and responsive across all digital platforms?


Leoca specialises in designing beautiful, user-centred websites. Simplicity and minimalism are our design principles, whether you are looking for a concise single-page layout or an interactive multi-page website.


Your goals are to make sure clients want to use your site, and can easily find the information they need.


Our goals are to make sure you are communicating your brand story and delivering the right messages to your target audience. As a freelance design company without big overheads, Leoca offers affordable, customised packages tailored to clients’ needs and budgets.


It sounds simple … because Leoca makes it simple.


Contact Leoca, Brisbane’s freelance specialists in beautiful web design, to discuss your website design requirements now.


Events + Invitations

Your event is part of your brand. Let Leoca halve your workload, and double your style factor.

Events sometimes come together at the last minute. You need a designer who stays as cool, calm and polished as their designs… which is where Leoca comes in.


As Founder of Leoca, Clare’s experience includes almost a decade as an Events Manager. Clare’s exquisite graphic design skills are complemented by her exacting attention to detail and impeccable organisational skills.


Invitations… custom event logos… event websites… menus… place cards… signage… banners… social media graphics.


Leoca is passionate about bringing your creative vision to life. With our end-to-end print management and delivery process, we can efficiently ensure all your event collateral arrives on time, in perfect condition and looking amazing – taking those time-consuming tasks off your list.


As a freelance design and branding company with a supplier network across Brisbane, Leoca offers affordable, customised packages. These are tailored to clients’ needs and budgets and can include full service design and print management options.


Make your event a brand success story. Minimise your stress and maximise your style factor with Leoca's bespoke event design and print service.


Contact Leoca, Brisbane’s freelance event design gurus to discuss your Event and Invitation requirements now.

Custom Design

You have a big vision. Explore new creative horizons with Leoca’s custom design service: bespoke design for brilliant brand futures.

Your company is dreaming big. Let’s capture your design and brand ideas together.


What’s on your design agenda?


Maybe you need social media graphics for a new campaign to drive your brand storytelling. Custom collateral for a big event you’re planning. An entire new product suite. 


Whatever creative idea is getting you excited, Leoca Design shares your enthusiasm. We will dream alongside you to custom-craft unique designs to showcase your business.


Our flexible packages are tailored to your requirements and budget.

Images say it all. Be inspired by Leoca. Define your new image now.


Contact Leoca, Brisbane’s freelance graphic design and branding specialists, to dream up your brand vision and custom brand elements now.

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