About Clare

Clare Finocchiaro, Founder of Leoca Design, developed her strong visual aesthetic through years of immersion in design. She has worked in senior graphic design, marketing and events positions in Brisbane’s property, architecture, advertising and finance sectors.


Working with companies like Property Council of Australia, Suncorp, dtb Advertising, Blaze Advertising, and Mode Design, Clare also gained amazing experience in the business side of design.


Clients are drawn to Clare’s signature sophisticated design style and subtle palette. But being business savvy is a big value-add. Her clients know Clare gets the job done – on time and on budget.


After almost two decades of exposure of high level design and branding in her roles, Clare’s creative passion is now matched by her joy at being a mum to her two young sons: Leo and Luca. 


Wanting the flexibility of more time with her kids, Clare has taken on another exciting venture: freelancing. Clare’s design business Leoca blends her sons’ names… just like Clare is now blending parenting and being a solopreneur.


Clare continues working with valued partners in the Brisbane property sector, where she has spent much of her career. She has a huge network of contacts and suppliers from her advertising and events days on speed dial.


With her extensive industry experience, Clare knows just how vital great graphic design and branding is to build your company’s identity.


Contact Clare at Leoca, Brisbane’s freelance graphic design and branding specialists, to launch your new company image today.

The Design Process

When you work with Clare at Leoca Design, you experience the advantage of years of professional expertise and agency-level design quality, combined with the friendliness and flexibility (and affordability!) of working with a freelancer.


Yes … it’s the best of both worlds.


Leoca’s clients are modern, enthusiastic professionals. They might be working in the property sector in Brisbane, where Clare herself spent many years. They could be running start-ups or social enterprises, moving from incubator to launch stage. Or they might be marketing professionals looking for a custom invitation for that special event.


At Leoca, we partner with you to create high-impact visual branding and design that helps build your company’s identity. Your brand is an essential part of your company’s story. Leoca works with you to develop a unique brand that sends a powerful message to your clients.


Leoca’s personalised design process keeps it simple. Concepts evolve naturally when we sit down and do a “brand‑storm” with you.
There are three easy steps in our design process:

The brand strategy starts off with a "brand-storm" session – which is as fun as it sounds. We meet for coffee to discuss your vision, ideal client, and business goals. (Leoca does online, phone and video consultations too, of course).


Leoca puts together a visual mood board that captures all our fantastic ideas … your brand’s own Pinterest page!

1.   Brand Strategy

The brand-storm phase is followed by your personalised brand concept development.


Leoca creates multiple concepts for your unique brand elements. We present you with several high quality options for your feedback.


Your brand is an important investment. It’s vital to get this stage right.


Clare, Leoca’s graphic designer and founder, has collaborated with many clients and built rapport with people at every level of industry in Brisbane. She works with you through the revision process, patiently and precisely, until your brand is perfect.


Leoca's goal is to make sure your business has the polished, powerful imagery that suits your brand style.

2.   Concepts & Revisions

When the brand concept is finalised, Leoca will provide you with all logos and files.


Congratulations – you now have a strong, differentiated brand identity and unique visual story to showcase to your dream clients!


But the story isn’t over. Leoca Design helps you customise your brand messages through Print, Website, Event and Invitation, and Custom Design options.

3.   Brand Implementation

Contact Clare on the form below to discuss your needs and explore Leoca’s flexible packages and end-to-end design and print management solutions.

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